September the 14th, 2014

Our neighbours (people living in the same block but in other room) were listening to music on the maximum volume and not letting to do homework, so I and my roommate turned Marilyn Manson as loudly as my laptop allowed me, but it ended up me performing the whole 2NE1’s “I Am the Best” dance for my roommate and then both of us going crazy to their other songs for half an hour and I swear it’s been the best thing that has happened to me in the past three weeks.

cl was wearing mia x versus versace clothing yesterday in singapore ohmYGOD YEAS YES YAASSSSSS

September the 8th, 2014

it’s so strange to look at a person and know that you won’t see them ever again after the short meeting is over.

i wish the hug lasted longer…

i’ll miss my friend terribly and i realize very clearly that at this moment i’m just very clingy and feeling horrible, because i try not to forget, though i’d naturally forget in a couple of days and the life would go on like always. i’m devastated that the short meet-up with the friend was literally very short, it lasted only for ten minutes. his reluctance not to hug for longer, when we said our farewell, cut deeply into my heart, bet simple last words “hang in there” petted sweetly the same piece of meat. when we finally let go of each other, and i lost the sight of him, it felt as if nothing happened and he disappeared from my entire life and existence.

just like that.

it’s so hard to print a person onto your memory, but it’s even harder to let go of their image.

i don’t want you to go…

maybe today will be the fourth day as i cry. maybe it won’t.

point your gun to the complicated world, to the noisy sounds and bang bang bang straight trhough your heart

found my future career