The only issue is, I haven’t seen myself.
The real, real in me. You never know what it is.

Since the start I was known as the master genius.
Why is my name Rap Monster? It’s obvious.

You think I’m fucked up, that’s right.
The more you aggravate me the greater I get.


April the 23rd, 2014

I sometimes regret that I’ve been abroad, because whenever I see magnificent picture of landscape or just some building, I desperately try to hold back tears, since it appears that the feeling of standing in a foreign land in front of a view I’ll never truly link to, still lingers somewhere in my brain cells and all the senses. I want to go abroad so badly, oh mein gott.

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Daria’s list of flawless people

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how to use kpop (cl’s ‘the baddest female’) wisely.

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